art & graft: the eo blog launches

art and graft


Welcome to the first post on the new Ecce Opus blog, thanks for stopping by!

We’re now well into our first year of existence here at EO and we’re happy to report that we’re pleased with how things are going and how we’re progressing as a company. 

Yet, resting on our laurels doesn’t come naturally to either of us…

The question of ‘who we are’ and how we do it has been close to our hearts since the day Marcus and I decided to leave healthy freelance careers behind and join forces - creating something new together. 

And as we grow into our new skin it seems appropriate that we develop a space where we can reflect upon this evolution and invite others into the conversation. 


We hope this becomes a space where we can go behind the scenes and talk about our process, show some of the projects we work on in more detail and explore the ethos and purpose behind Ecce Opus.



We’re not pretentious enough to think that we’re artists, but we do believe in the process of art-making. 

For us, that sometimes means paying painstaking attention to details. It means research and sketches and drafts. It means the occasional flourish. It means risk and play (we see mistakes as the process of making things more interesting). It means a love of ideas. And it means showing our work well.


This is easier to explain. We think that graft is an important part of the craft process: turning up when it’s not easy; getting stuck in, digging deep and powering through; long days, big edits, challenging environments; practice, practice, practice.

In the course of our assignments we see a lot of people working incredibly hard – whether it’s producing groundbreaking research, rolling out health programmes in adverse circumstances or making enough to feed a family with little resources – that’s something we respect.



Without any further ado, welcome, once again, to our blog.

Please do add your voices in the comments and let us know your thoughts, ideas, questions and critique — we love a good conversation.

Marcus and Tom